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About Ieva

My name is Ieva Sinkeviciute. I am Lithuanian working in Brussels, Belgium.

Below is my short introduction – my journey into the world of abstract art;)

Now, it’s hard to say exactly when my passion for art and friendship with creativity began. However, this happened in early childhood. The first memories come to mind when my grandfather gave me colored markers and I turned white sheets of paper into colored abstractions. I also remember my acquaintance with gouache and my first attempt to paint a mushroom that, to my surprise, was very much loved by adults. Since then, inspired by creative magic, this friendship lasts a lifetime.

As a child, I attended various art studies in which teachers allowed me to experiment freely with a variety of techniques and forms. I was able to paint one piece of art in a week or express my emotions expressively in five minutes. There were no rules. I am very grateful to them for the creative freedom they have taught me.

I am also very grateful to my parent architects who were so sincerely happy and proud of my work, who gave me valuable advice, ideas and who were a wonderful example of a creative life for me. My brother’s presence and sincere support is another source of strength and happiness.

It is only from a time perspective that I can see that all these little details have formed into who I am now.

By the way, to the surprise of many I haven‘t chosen my academic education and career path in arts. I did this with intention to maintain art as an island of happiness and to even broaden my world. Besides arts and culture I have also a passion for politics and idealistic idea that we all should do something to leave this world a better place. It became my daily job, however some time ago I have started to feel that a big part of myself remains unexpressed and I began to paint again.

Since then, art again became a vital element of my life and an incredible adventure. This playing with different colors and forms, mixing several fields of creation leads to a result of admiration. My artworks are a reflection of my recent emotions and experiences at the given time. I believe that following this passion helps me to feel all of the colors and senses of life better. I believe that art has a meditational value and opens up the imagination of the viewer as well.